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Dec 2 2023

Looking to Start a New Softball Club for the New Year?

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1) Gather a Board 
Find some friends who are passionate about softball and willing to help run the club. The more people on board, the better! Don't hesitate to reach out to SCM at for assistance with setting up a website, social media presence, and more.

2) Find a Field
Look for a place to practice and play games. Your local sports partnership should be able to point you in the direction of affordable options.

3) Get the Gear
SCM can help you secure equipment and funding from sponsors and partnerships. Plus, they offer development kits to get you started.

4) Recruit Players
Hold an open day and advertise on social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook. Encourage interested players to register and pay membership fees to support the club.

5) Stay Organized
Hold regular committee meetings using the provided documents to plan out the year's events. These may include regular games in Galway, Dublin, and Cork, as well as weekend tournaments like BWC, IOST, and Wild Isle.

This is going to be a season to remember - let's make it a grand slam! More info available at or register your interest HERE

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